November 25, 2016
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permanent makeup 

Full Lips


This procedure is great for those who have lost colour around the edges of their lips, lost definition because of aging; to create more symmetrical lips or who have really pale colourless lips.

Please note

  • If you’re prone to cold sores, make sure you start taking antiviral medication to prevent them 1 week before your procedure. The stimulation from the needle will bring out cold sores and that can really ruin the procedure and make the healing process uncomfortable
  • Lip tattoos are meant to enhance lips, not create actual fullness. This procedure is designed to define lips, not to create volume or puffiness. The tattoo does not go around your lip like traditional lip-liner application – I work on the lip border not on the skin around the lip. For clients wanting the tattoo outside of their lip line, I would rather suggest fillers first.
  • This procedure only work on lighter skin types – I do not work on darker skin tones, because they can hyperpigment.
  • The colour always looks very dark straight after the procedure but gets lighter, and then as the skin heals, it comes back. You usually see the full, truest color after about 28 days
  • Lip liner will have a much greater retention of color. The vermilion tissue of the lips will be far less. Lip pigments tend to be translucent and need to be layered. This means a full lip may take 1 to 3 sessions, depending on the desired results, along with the natural lip color. In many cases a client will lose from up to 70% of the initial lip pigment application. They will get a much greater uptake of color on the second session, and third if warranted. This is the reality of lip procedures.
  • It is not realistic to expect a true lipstick look. Lipstick is worn topically on the skin. Permanent lip procedure pigment (color) is viewed under the skin surface. Clients need to understand that lip procedures do not replace makeup. In fact, it is advised to wear some type of lip-gloss to enrich the color of the pigment that has been implanted.
  • If you are informed, follow post-care instructions, and have realistic expectations about your final lip color, you can enjoy the remarkable benefits of what a Permanent Lip Procedure can offer.
  • It is important to realize that you will need a color boost every 2-3 years to maintain its fresh natural appearance. If you are out in the sun a lot, have oily skin, use anti-aging creams, Retinol products, natural elements, regular chemical peels, or exercise frequently, you will probably need a color boost every 6 months to 1 year.

Aftercare Instructions

  • Change your pillowcase when you get home.
  • Lips will feel swollen and very dry after your treatment. Anti inflammatory medication can help.
  • Wash the area with Cetaphil cleansing lotion, rinse and pat dry before applying aftercare balm. You can do this 2 per days for the next 10 days
  • Apply only the healing balm I will provide/ Preparation H ointment (no other products please!) on lips several times a day. This should be done for at least 14 days post treatment. Do not allow lips to become dry, it may interfere with healed color if dryness is permitted. Tap ointment on skin do not rub. Always use a clean bud, not fingers.
  • After lips are no longer tender to the touch they may become flaky. This is normal and is expected. Please do not pick or scratch at them, doing so may significantly reduce the amount of pigment uptake.
  • Avoid the sun and tanning beds pre & post procedure. Be sure to use a sun block once lips are healed.
  • Do not use any Glycolic, Hydroxy, Carmex or Fruit Acid products on lips. Avoid direct water pressure and submerged swimming until healed.
  • Put a layer of healing balm on lips before eating/ brushing your teeth.
  • You can resume wearing lipstick only once lips are healed.
  • Also avoid any friction to lip area until healed.

Lips heal in three stages

  • Too bright (immediately post-procedure)
  • Too light (after sloughing)
  • Just Right (in about 28 days)


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